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Our History At NYCC!!


Superfanworld.com has a long history at New York Comic Con, as we have been there for many years.  From Cosplay , Superfanman and celebrities we have experienced  it all and can’t wait to do more at NYCC. It’s always a event and YOU never know what you are going to see or do , which makes NYCC so unique. Cosplay we’ve seen it all : 






We even tracked down R2-D2 from Star Wars and asked him all about the current events. R2 was quiet and wouldn’t divulge much secrets. But next time we will get more out of that droid. Here are our videos finding R2-D2 : 

We even introduced our our Comic Con Superfan Superhero SUPERFANMAN at NYCC!!….He fights the internet haters and brings the superfans together for fun and laughs!!!


YOU never know where or when SUPERFANMAN will be around, but he has his on Twitter @realsuperfanman and his own FB page : Superfanman 

And we have met the celebrities too at NYCC From Mike Tyson to the one and only Impractical Jokers : 




Being at NYCC has been a amazing experience for Superfanworld.com and we can’t wait for 2016.  I’m sure the 2016 version will be the biggest and best one yet, and we can’t wait to see and experience it all. See you all there!!!!!